At present we are building two kinds of log houses: round logs and square logs.
All homes are built at our own plant; we do not sublet log work to other builders.
As raw material we use Lithuanian softwood, which is supplied from our standing partners. In order to achieve the best results in quality we prepare wood in winter.

For the building process we use 16, 18 and 20cm thick logs according to what kind of house we build. Other building materials (for example, roof cover) are selected according to the requirements of customer.

Our employees cover all kinds of slope roofs: concrete, bitumen or clay tiles, shingle, slate and etc. According to wishes of the customer our company can undertake all construction works. You can order only walls or elements, but if you wish we can make all construction works till “keys”.

We paint already built log houses by special wood dye stuff, which has impregnating feature, and is of various colours. The structure of wood painted by this dye remains natural.
Log cabins usually are manufactured of smaller diameter logs.

The main cost of log work depends on the dimensions of house, diameter of logs and manner of their processing, complexity of constructions and transportation distance.

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