Why do I choose log houses?

In whole world log houses are considered as elite. Log houses are the most ecological, psychological friendly and healthy houses.

A log house is a “living home”, the log walls act to regulate the internal environment so that the house is comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter while air humidity is kept within a normal range.

Wood is the most natural and versatile construction material, it is structurally strong, has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties, it can balance temperature and moisture fluctuations, it is static free and also eco-friendly. Wood doesn’t make any negative influence to the human organism. It is tested that natural wood colour positively affects people state of mind, calm nervous system and creates good conditions for relaxation and comfort. Resin remaining in softwood makes a positive influence on the respiratory tract and lungs of people living in such a house.

That’s why I prefer log home, do you?

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